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Preventive maintenance

In repairing the fault electronic equipment, WEIHAI WIDE&NEW ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. can not only replace damaged parts, but also carry out preventive maintenance and replace all aged and vulnerable parts. Preventive maintenance can minimize the equipment failure to the greatest extent.

Through preventive maintenance, the replacement of aging parts can prevent damage to other components and minimize the risk of complete rejection of electronic equipment.

Preventive maintenance can also be a service provided independently. After the preventive maintenance service, the electronic equipment will be reduced the risk of shutdown for the largest possible, and you can also set up a maintenance plan for your own.

Electronic equipment cleaning

In the process of industrial production, electronic equipment is easy to touch dust, water vapor and other oil dirt, thereby shortening the service life of electronic equipment. Oil dust will also reduce productivity and even affect the quality of final products.

Therefore, professional cleaning of electronic equipment is very important. We have professional industrial electronic cleaning equipment. After completion of the cleaning, the equipment will be tested also.

Cleaning service process:

You send the faulty equipment to our repairing center.

1. assemble and disassemble equipment and decompose parts to meet the cleaning standards.

2. cleaning machine equipped with cleaning fluid uses ultrasonic vibration to remove grease stains on parts.

3. thoroughly clean the parts in a special mineral pol.

4. the drying time depends on the size and complexity of the electronic equipment.

5. reassemble.

6. all cleaned electronic equipment will be carefully tested to ensure that it can proper functioning 100%.

7. electronic equipment is sent back to you after a professional package.

Electronic equipment is not clean for a long time?

If the electronic equipment has reduced the production efficiency during industrial production? Want to extend the life of electronic equipment? Electronic equipment is not clean for a long time?

Please contact us for the cleaning plan and the quotation.